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2017 Banks Calendar Girl on board with CariGes

March 2, 2017

LOCAL CHARITY ‘CariGES for Women’ is one step closer to fulfilling its dream of establishing a Training and Facilitation Centre for females.

This is because 2017 Banks Calendar Girl Nadia Holmes recently donated $5000. to the non-profit organization dedicated to the education, upliftment and empowerment of females.

One of Nadia’s first tasks was to choose one charity from a field of ten to which to donate.

“I am generally drawn to causes that support women and so I narrowed my choices down to three and because CariGES for Women has such a strong focus on the education of women, they stood out for me,” she said.

President of the Charity and practicing gynecologist Dr. Eltora Bennett graciously accepted the donation and expressed pleasure at being able to work with Banks’ Ambassador in advancing some of the charity’s goals.

“Our goal is to reach out to all women in providing our services. We especially intend to attract young women since this is important for the sustainability of the organization. We look forward to working with Nadia and hope that it shows that the Calendar Girl competition is not just about a pretty face and great body but about civic mindedness, ambition and determination.”

Dr. Bennett also noted that the charity is particularly interested in offering assistance to women who find themselves in situations which impact negatively on their psychological health. She added that this often prevents such women from optimizing their full potential. These cases are not usually isolated to any one socio-economic group but involves individuals from varying backgrounds.

“The goal of the Training and Facilitation Centre will be to empower women. Our programs will focus on building the self-esteem of our women, helping them to understand the important role which they can play in a society and strengthening them through the acquisition of skills. It is an ambitious project but I believe we need it on the island where many households are dependent on the ‘mother figure’.

The charity will be ramping up its fund raising efforts this year so as to support the development of the Centre.

One of its major events will be an all-inclusive fete scheduled to be part of our national Crop Over festivities.

CAP. 1: (from left) 2017 Banks Calendar Girl Nadia Holmes presents Dr. Eltora Bennett – President of the Charity CariGes for Women and Ianthe Callender Treasurer, with a donation of five thousand dollars.