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BHL Notice to Shareholders - November 20th

November 20, 2015

Shareholders are advised that the Directors' Circular in response to the revised bid of AM Caribbean Development Ventures Ltd. ("AMC") of BB$6.00 per common share, which bid is currently scheduled to close at 4:00 pm on Monday 14th December 2015 ('Directors' Circular No. 3),  has been finalised and is already in the process of printing and dissemination to shareholders. Please note that Directors’ Circular No. 3 is available on the BHL website at

Following the preparation and submission of Directors' Circular No. 3 for printing, we have become aware that AMC has announced its intention to increase its offer to shareholders to BB$7.00 per common share and a Variation of Offer to shareholders dated November 20, 2015 was uploaded to the Ansa McAL website.

Shareholders are advised that the Directors will issue circulars in response to the SLU Amended Offer of BB$6.20 dated November 19, 2015 as well as the AMC Amended Offer of BB$7.00 dated November 20, 2015 as early as possible. Shareholders are therefore asked to receive and review Directors' Circular No. 3 with this in mind. Shareholders who are desirous of selling their shares should await these circulars from the Directors in response to the increased Offers before making a decision on the sale of their shares.

The Directors are conscious of the fact that shareholders circumstances are not identical and therefore advise that shareholders should consider their options carefully including seeking the professional advice of their own advisors.

Dated 20th November, 2015
On behalf of the Board of Directors

G. Anthony King