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PureSex Centre Receives Boost From BHL

March 22, 2017



This is how the principals at the Pure Sex Centre view the recent support from Banks Holdings Ltd. BHL’s Manager, Corporate Affairs, Sophia Cambridge presented the husband and wife team of Ambrose and Maria Carter who head the not-for-profit charity, with ten thousand dollars through BHL’s H.E.L.P. (Heritage, Environment, Learning and People) Programme. The donation will assist the Centre in spreading its message of abstinence.


“This donation is refreshing because few companies see the importance of our message to young people especially a message of moral excellence and sexual purity. Everybody speaks about morality but no one takes the opportunity of taking a positive, pure message to our youth. We’re really happy to be in receipt of BHL’s sponsorship this year,” Maria said.


The duo is currently taking their message to radio and will use the much-needed funds to further finance the programme which runs on the Starcom station of 97.5 FM. Other upcoming initiatives include a back-to-school rally which assists over 90 students with back-to-school and basic necessities.


Their greatest impact, however, is made at their “Virginity is Possible” (VIP) red carpet event, last held in 2015, where over 1200 young people took a vow of chastity before marriage.  


“We want individuals to take the pledge. Research has shown that individuals who take a pledge of abstinence and multiple pledges thereafter, wait until marriage. We were unable to have the event in 2016 as we did not have the resources and so we are really thankful to BHL for reaching out to us and partnering with us for the youth of this nation.”


The Pure Sex message is not only isolated to young individuals but also shared with parents a– a move which the Carters deem as integral to the success of their awareness drive.

“It is important to sensitize parents to what is going on with our young people in the school system and have programs for them as well.  There is not another message like this. Individuals speak about prevention and offer the students condoms thinking they are going to have sex. This is not true; some people want to wait but there is no message to wait for marriage and so we share that message and a number of young people respond positively to it. After hearing our message, 85% of primary school children said they wanted to wait. We are infused and encouraged by the responses.”


The BHL H.E.L.P. Programme was established in 2014 and is the corporate social responsibility programme of the Group. 

CAP. 1: (from left): BHL’s Communications Coordinator Keisha Humphrey and Manager Corporate Affairs, Sophia Cambridge present Maria and Ambrose Carter of the Pure Sex Centre with a donation of ten thousand dollars towards their outreach efforts.