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KOSCAB Distribution (Barbados) Ltd. Purchases BBC

June 12, 2018


Coca-Cola bottling partner, KOSCAB Distribution (Barbados) Ltd. (“KOSCAB”), concludes purchase of Barbados Bottling Company Ltd. (BBC) from local Coca-Cola bottler, Banks Holdings Ltd. (BHL).


Barbadians will continue to enjoy Barbadian-made Coca-Cola products with continuation of all operations in Barbados.


Under the new business operation, BBC retains its name and bottling rights to produce Coca-Cola and its affiliated brands.  KOSCAB Managing Director, Carlos Diaz stated “We are pleased to be the new owners of BBC. The Coca-Cola Company has initiated changes to their business model in the Latin Center Business Unit, which includes Barbados and other important areas in the region. The result is bottler consolidation in the southern Caribbean with KOSCAB Holdings Ltd., the parent company of KOSCAB Distribution (Barbados) Ltd., currently leading bottling and distribution operations in Grenada, St. Kitts, St Vincent, Antigua and Barbados. We value the BBC legacy and intend to continue to build its reputation as a world class business operation.”


The Chairman of KOSCAB Holdings Ltd., Alberto Rivera noted this latest development is a positive outcome for all parties. He highlighted the company’s decades of experience in the beverage industry and how they will bring this knowledge to the Barbados market. “We are confident that this new partnership enables us to continue to exceed the expectations of our local consumers and customers, who will keep enjoying the highest quality products and service to which they are accustomed. We feel confident about the Barbadian market and we look forward to establishing a world class bottling operation in Barbados.”


BBC’s employees are expected to be fully integrated into the new operation headed by former BHL Group Marketing manager and B&B Distribution Ltd General Manager, Andre Thomas. “This week, we are working hard to share this great news with internal and external stakeholders throughout Barbados. In addition to the current BBC employees, we anticipate increasing our local team as we continue to build a total beverage business in Barbados,” noted Thomas.


Their sentiments are shared by Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager, BHL, Sophia Cambridge. “We anticipate a smooth transition to KOSCAB Holdings. We are also excited with the growth prospects for BBC and happy that there will be no disruption of staff. BBC has undoubtedly played a significant role in the growth of BHL and we have been very proud of its achievements over the years. Some highlights include the 2010 quadruple ISO qualification, its triple success (2002-2006) in attaining the Pemberton Award, as well as BBC’s 2012 designation as the Best Caribbean Supplier in the inaugural Trade KO Coca-Cola Regional Sales Race. We thank Team BBC for their service to the BHL Group and wish them continued success with KOSCAB in the future.”


Country Manager, BHL, Jose Infante (fourth from left) shakes hands with General Manager, BBC, Andre Thomas (centre), while surrounded by members of the BHL and KOSCAB management teams.