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BHL Employees Raise Over $10,000 for CDEMA

November 24, 2017


Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) has donated $10,280.00 to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)’s Disaster Relief Fund, to assist disaster victims across the region. The money was raised by BHL staff who volunteered to have a portion of their October salary deducted and donated to the Fund. The donations were matched by the Company.




“BHL employees were incredibly touched by the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria had on our Caribbean neighbours,” said Sophia Cambridge, Corporate Affairs Manager, BHL. “After hearing of the need for financial assistance, they were asked to indicate whether they’d want some of their salary donated to the relief effort, and the response was overwhelming.”




Money contributed to CDEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund is used to purchase items for victims in the impacted States, as a way of restarting the local economy.




“We are indeed moved by the generosity of the BHL staff for displaying such solidarity to the impacted States in the Caribbean. The unprecedented events of Hurricanes Irma and Maria remind us of the region’s vulnerability to the effects of climate variability and change”, said Elizabeth Riley, Deputy Executive Director, CDEMA.


“We live in a region where the risk posed by natural hazards is a reality. The impact of both hurricanes on our sister Islands are reminders that living with such a risk is a Caribbean norm. These funds reflect the true CARICOM spirit of helping our neighbours in times of need. They will be used to support critical response and recovery actions in the impacted countries.”


Employees across the group also contributed nine barrels of goods, including water, canned goods, tarpaulin and baby formula to Dominica via the Barbados Defense Force. In September, BHL donated 95,210 litres of beverage to Dominica through CDEMA.


CAP. 1: BHL’s Public Relations and Communications Officer, Keisha Chapman (left); Corporate Communications Manager, Sophia Cambridge (centre) present Deputy Executive Director for CDEMA, Elizabeth Riley (right) with the employee donation.