Our Leadership & Values

Committed to excellence in systems & relationships

Energized by our stated mission and the quest for quality, we are committed to excellence in all our systems and relationships. This is reflected in our production processes, our management systems and in our relationships with our constituents.

Excellence from production to post sales

From production to post sales service, our eyes are firmly fixed on quality

  • BHL's subsidiaries lead the region in employing state-of-the-art technology and embracing international quality systems in our production processes.
  • We have placed muscle behind the BHL promise of speedy hassle-free delivery: computerising our systems, incorporating a tele-servicing system and putting in place a creative team of people whose central focus is customer satisfaction.

Excellence in relationships

We have worked hard to offer:

  • Our customers: Top quality goods and services at fair prices.
  • Our shareholders: A reasonable return on their investment through prudent management and effective production strategies.
  • Our employees: Fair wages, security, comradeship, scope for advancement on merit, and excellent working conditions.
  • Our communities: Support for programmes geared to enhancing national life and developing our youth.
  • Government: Contribution towards the reduction of the burden of public expenditure.
  • Our social partners: Zealous compliance with the law; disengagement from conflict, the practice of sound work ethics and positive input to the industrial and commercial environments.

Track record of leadership

In the process of fulfilling this commitment we have earned reputation as an innovative leader in the local business and manufacturing sectors with a track record of honesty, reliability, integrity and ethical conduct.