Associated Companies

Newtech Inc. (26.2 % BHL-owned)

Products: Signage and Signage Materials

Searles Factory Yard

Christ Church


Telephone: (246) 420-1692

Telefax: (246) 420-1696

Chemical Industries Limited (40 % BHL-owned)

Products: A wide range of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

4 & 5 Grantley Adams Industrial Park

Christ Church

Telephone: (246) 428-1747

Telefax: (246) 428-1744

Depot: Bosvigo Road, Eagle Hall, St Michael, Barbados - (246) 228-0992

Email Address: |

Tower Hill Merchants Ltd.( 36.7% BHL-owned)

A U.K. based procurement company that locates and supplies goods to the Caribbean, Africa and Western Europe.

31 Elmfield Road, Bromley,

Kent BR1 1TF

United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 8315 7570

BCB Communications Inc. (20% BHL-owned)

A marketing and advertising agency.

First Floor, The Massy Dome,

Warrens, St. Michael

Telephone: (246) 417-5010

Fax: (246) 417-5033

Banks DIH Ltd. (5% BHL-owned)

A well-diversified Guyana-based company with interest in areas ranging from beverage production, to food processing and the operation of restaurants, hotels and commercial banks.

Thirst Park,Ruimveldt


South America

Telephone: (592) 225-0910

Telefax: (592) 226-6523


CARIBCO Limited(30% BHL-owned)

A company which owns and operates the Coca-Cola franchise in the Bahamas, Caribbean Bottling Company (Bahamas) Ltd.

P.O. Box N 1123


Telephone: (242) 328-0012

Fax: (242) 322-5120

Citrus Products of Belize Limited (46.58% BHL-owned)

Belize's premier citrus processor providing concentrated juices, premium not-from-concentrate juices and citrus by-products to companies in Belize and abroad.

P.O. Box 25


Stann Creek District Belize, C.A.


Central America

Telephone: (501) 522-2055 | (501) 522-2110

Fax: (501) 522-2810


BCL (Barbados) Limited (25% BHL-owned)

A strategic operation meeting the export development needs of the brands' within The BHL Group of Companies (BHL) in Barbados, Valley Manufacturing Company Limited of Belize, Banks (DIH) Limited in Guyana, and Blue Waters in Trinidad.


St. Michael

PBX: 246 227-7650

Telephone: (246) 227-7650

Fax: 264 431-8870