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BHL Helps QEH Chapel Refurbishment Project

November 13, 2017

Staff, patients and visitors of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) now have a refurbished hospital Chapel, thanks in large part, to a $20,000 donation from Banks Holdings Limited’s (BHL), corporate social responsibility programme, H.E.L.P. (Heritage, Environment, Learning and People).

Corporate Affairs Manager, BHL, Ms. Sophia Cambridge says BHL’s decision to focus on the Chapel stems from the recognition of the link between spirituality and physical health. “Research shows that expressions of spirituality which encourage personal empowerment and promote the importance of emotions such as hope, forgiveness and purpose have a positive effect on the health of patients battling life threatening diseases,” she said. “Coming out of this research, the general consensus seems to be one of cautious optimism about the role spirituality can play in promoting and maintaining good mental and physical health.”

QEH CEO, Dr. Dexter James, also underscored the move towards a more holistic approach to healthcare. “Our Board acknowledges that an openness to spirituality reflects two larger changes in health care – an increased awareness of a mind-body-spirit connection and the increased levels of spiritual diversity. In a stressful environment like the QEH, this chapel offers employees, patients and visitors a place of quiet refuge for meditation, individual prayer or communal worship.”

The Chapel was officially reopened on November 13, 2017, after nearly one year of renovations.  The makeover included improvements to the Chapel’s lighting, repairs to the floors and roof and the installation of additional air conditioning units and new windows. Funds were also used to install a Wudu unit, for use by Muslim visitors to the Chapel, as part of efforts to make the Chapel more welcoming to all patrons.


CAP. 1: From left, BHL’s Manager of Corporate Affairs, Sophia Cambridge; QEH’s Senior Technical Officer, Philip King; Hospital Chaplain, QEH, Canon Noel Burke; QEH's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Dexter James; Archbishop of the West Indies and Anglican Bishop of Barbados, The Most Reverend Dr. John Holder; QEH's Director of Engineering Services, Mrs. Paula Agbowu and Marissa Huque pose for a photograph following a ceremony for the Rededication of the QEH Chapel.