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BHL Contributing to Environment Through H.E.L.P

August 19, 2016

“IT IS our desire for our consumers to not only purchase our beverages but to dispose of them responsibly.”

This was the message from Sophia Cambridge, Corporate Communications Manager of Banks Holdings Ltd. as she made a donation to the Future Centre Trust and Clean Bim Project through BHL’s corporate social responsibility programme H.E.L.P. – an acronym which represents Heritage, Environment, Learning and People. The donations to the two entities were made under the environmental pillar of the programme.

While accepting the $10,000. donation at their Edghill St. Thomas location, Executive Director with the FCT, Cherice Gibson acknowledged that the funds will go a long way in furthering the FCT’s initiatives.

“The FCT is very appreciative of partners supporting our work,” she said. “Over the years, we have established recycling centers, organized cleanups, started a Green Business Barbados programme and more and this is all made possible through partnerships such as these.”

She also stressed that demand for the FCT’s initiatives continues to increase and so support from corporate entities is vital.

“Our programmes continue to generate a very good response from the community. Many neighborhoods would love to get a recycling initiative going, more schools have been contacting us about presentations and so on. Corporate support varies and we understand this as the economy has changed. It is a continuous process to find partners but I would say that we are on our way; we are building and rebuilding our funding base and on our way to a more sustainable Future Centre Trust as well.”

Stakeholders attached to the Clean Bim project were also pleased to receive support from BHL. In conjunction with its subsidiary PINEHILL BHL is donating 500 receptacles to be used as garbage bins towards the Clean Bim initiative. SSA’s Technical Officer, Diane Denny said the receptacles would be branded with the Clean Bim logo and distributed to households and green spaces across the island. She encouraged Barbadians to visit the Clean Bim Facebook page for information on how they too could get involved with the project that is set to conclude on the anniversary of Barbados’ Independence.

Joining her was Michael Stuart, Superintendent at the SSA who made a plea for Barbadians to join the Clean Bim team in its aim to rid the island of litter.

“A clean Barbados is not only for tourists to enjoy but for us Barbadians as well. When we litter it is not only unsightly but encourages rodents. It is my hope that when Barbadians see what we, through Clean Bim are doing, that they too will be inspired to assist and take charge.”

BHL’s Corporate Communications Manager Sophia Cambridge said that as a corporate entity, BHL would continue to play its part in environmental activism.

“The onus is on us to lead from the front with this initiative as it is our packaging materials that are being used to generate some of the waste that plagues our island. Our donations to these two entities is a manifestation of our commitment to take some ownership by educating our consumers about environmentally friendly waste disposal.”

Under its H.E.L.P. Programme, BHL has partnered with eleven local charities to assist them in continuing to make a difference in their respective causes.

CAP. 1: (from left): Executive Director of the Future Centre Trust Cherise Gibson accepting the donation of ten thousand dollars from BHL’s Corporate Communications Manager Sophia Cambridge.