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Notice to All Shareholders of Banks Holdings Limit

December 18, 2015


On Thursday, 17 December, 2015, the take-over bid Offer dated 28 September, 2015 made by SLU Beverages, Ltd. (‘SLU’) to the shareholders of Banks Holdings Limited (‘the Company’), and most recently amended on 02 December, 2015, closed. Together with the shares already owned by SLU, the shares tendered in response to their offer will bring SLU’s shareholding in BHL to approximately 95% of the issued and outstanding shares in the Company. The acquisition makes SLU the single largest shareholder in BHL and BHL the most recent addition to the AmBev/CND group of companies.

Pursuant to its obligations under the provisions of Section 60(3) of the Securities Act, Chapter 318A of the Laws of Barbados, the Directors of the Company wish to advise of changes to the Board of Directors.

Notice of Retirement of Chairman of the Board of BHL.

The Board of Banks Holdings Limited wishes to announce the retirement of Mr. G. Anthony King from the Company’s Board of Directors on Friday, 18 December, 2015. Prior to his retirement, Mr. King served as an active member of the Board of Directors since 16 December, 2004 and as Chairman since November, 2012. In notifying of his retirement, Mr. King said that he was pleased that he could participate in the turnaround of BHL's performance during his tenure as Chairman, and wished the Company well for its future under new ownership.

The Directors extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mr. G. Anthony King for his many years of committed and dedicated service.

Notice of Appointment of Chairman of the Board of BHL.

The Board of Banks Holdings Limited wishes to announce the appointment of Mr. Marcio Juliano to the Board of Directors and of his election as the Chairman of the Board effective Friday, 18 December, 2015. Mr. Marcio Juliano is a graduate in Business Administration from Sao Paulo University and has also completed the Ambev Executive MBA Program at Sao Paulo Business School in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mr. Juliano also completed the Program on Trade Marketing from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois in 2013. Mr. Juliano joined AmBev in 1997 through the Global Management Trainee Program. He has accumulated 17 years’ experience in sales management and strategy development.


Notice of Appointment of Directors of the Board of BHL.

In addition to Mr. Juliano, the Board of Directors also wishes to advise of the following appointments which fill existing vacancies on the Board: (i) Mr. Eduardo Lacerda - Citizen of Brazil – resident of the Dominican Republic and Mr. Ramón A. Franco - Citizen of the Dominican Republic – resident of the Dominican Republic have been appointed as Directors of the Company with effect from Monday, 14 December, 2015 and (ii) Mr. Saulo Maranha – Citizen of Brazil – resident of the Dominican Republic was also appointed as a Director of the Company on Friday, 18 December, 2015.


18 December, 2015

Cherie S.A. Jones

Company Secretary