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100 Bins Donated to SSA

May 31, 2019


Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) has donated an additional 100 bins to the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) to support the entity’s waste management efforts.

The "Better World" branded bins will be distributed to various communities and schools which have indicated their need for additional bins, as many existing bins have become impractical over time.

Keisha Chapman, Public Relations and Communication Officer, BHL, explained that the donation is one part of the company’s efforts to protect the environment, under the company’s Better World programme. “We’re always looking for ways that we can positively impact our communities and surroundings. It is very important to us that Barbados remains safe and beautiful for this and future generations.”

In 2016, BHL also donated 500 bins to the Barbados Tourism Product Authority’s and SSA’s Clean Bim initiative. Additional bins will be donated under the Better World project in late 2019.


A portion of the 100 bins donated to the Sanitation Service Authority.