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Property Management Intern

March 31, 2023

The PM Intern works closely with the contract Property
Manager and oversees the development, maintenance,
and repair of the Group’s properties. These responsibilities
include the coordination and management of repairs,
improvements, and maintenance; contract painters and
cleaning staff. The position oversees the adherence to the
relevant Contractor Management Program as well as the
payment of bills related to the maintenance/ repair of
buildings, prepares detailed budgets on the status of the
portfolio, as well as enforces the terms of contract

Ensuring effective property management/ maintenance of all
properties/facilities and their surroundings (including
landscaping of properties) which includes:
o Monitoring the performance of contractors and
investigating and resolving complaints.
o Purchasing supplies (including access keys and
building signage) and equipment for the property and
arranging with specialists for repairs.
o Ensuring that contractors adhere to the Company’s
Contractor Management Program and the Company’s
safety standards.
o Ensuring that the properties/buildings comply with all
local regulations and building codes.
o Taking responsibility for enforcing the terms of
contract agreements
Perform any other related duties which may be assigned by
the Property Manager, Plant Manager(s).



Property Management Intern