Careers - Recruitment & Selection

We seek to attract candidates who in addition to requisite job skills:

  • Have a professional approach to their work
  • Are team players
  • Have a sound work ethic
  • Have a creative, positive and enthusiastic outlook
  • Are self starters

General Applicants
Banks Holdings Limited's (BHL's) companies have general application forms which candidates can complete and return to the respective enterprises. All such applicants must submit a police certificate of character and should have completed secondary education. Beyond this basic requirement, there will be additional stipulated requirements for individual vacancies.

Routine Application & Responding to Advertised Posts
Those seeking employment routinely write to the Company. BHL endeavours to formally respond indicating that such applications are filed and duly referenced if suitable vacancies arise. However, even if a previous application has been made, candidates seeking consideration for specific advertised posts are strongly advised to reapply. In this instance, where candidates are directly responding to BHL ads, unsuitable applicants are not acknowledged.

Advertising Job Opportunities
Posts across subsidiaries are advertised through the Human Resource Department, BHL. In an effort to give our suitably qualified employees opportunities for advancement, vacancies, particularly at the junior levels, are first advertised internally. However, senior level positions are simultaneously posted internally and externally.

Interview Procedures
There is always a formal interview for persons assuming permanent positions at BHL Companies. Depending on the level, short-listed candidates might be interviewed as many as three times. Interviews and final selection are largely conducted at the company level.

Job Offers
All job offers are made in writing through contracts outlining duties, compensation, benefits and conditions of service.

Job Postings
Vacant positions for which BHL is seeking applications are advertised internally, through national newspapers and posted at this site. Applicants should send correspondence to the stated address and not via the Internet.

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